Time to change to suit the capability and not the want

When we recognise the situation coming to grips with it becomes painful and acceptance becomes hurtful to all that we are and were once. That once may, as in my case a very short while ago

The old, old adage of: ‘You don’t stop because you get old. You get old because you stop’ holds far more truth than you realise when you first hear it.


Saga Calling

The knees go first

Followed by the hips

Memory is good

But the mind slips

Our aid memoir

The younger wife

Made it so far

What a life S

aga is now calling

You’ve just made fifty

We do not slow down

We’re just not so nifty

My mind still wins

All those rugger games

From the touchline

Calling the referee names

But in my canoe

I am deemed a gent

A guy with knowledge

Yet not so hell bent

So now I’m here

Yes, not as young

But with all the answers

At the tip of my tongue

A little slower

A little more regal

I aim for the white water

And soar….

Yes, like an eagle


I land and the balance

Is good

Skill-less youngster

Face in the mud

Ok Dad, you silly old fart

You win

You’re not that old

Still bloody nuts to do as you’re told……….

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