Politics, politics, politics!

All of a sudden the roads and pavements are all a mass of confusion and industry, with contractors working all over the town and at the same time. Driving and even walking has become no more than a frustrating nightmare. No more can the road knowledge gathered over the years sustain a fruitfully uninterrupted journey. Every route is covered with bollards, cones, temporary signage and workmen leaning on shovels watching the guy with the pneumatic drill surrounded by a plethora of workman like vehicles and mechanicals.

What is it all about? We have hit the four month run in to the local elections with all town councillor seats up for grabs. Next, leaflets will be flying through our doors from the sitting councillor telling us what a wonderful job they have been doing during their tenure. One such learned man felt he had done his bit by being involved in a local ‘litter pick’. There must have been more to his four years! This seems to be the justification for returning that candidate to the Town seat they represented last time. Leaflet reads. “It was me alone that got all the holes and the roads and pavements repaired, across the town, in the last four months”. Why was this work not carried out during the last four years rather than wait for the pavements and road get to such a poor state of repair? So I ask the question when meeting my local councillor in the street. “These things cannot be rushed they have to be planned” I am offered, by a man who seems most confused that a local resident spoke to him. “Oh!” is my retort. Then I smile, moving in to a chortle as I walk away.

Our other candidates who are fighting for this seat cannot offer the same ‘look what I did’. So the question begs; “would another candidate last time done any better? We will never know but we are allowed to surmise.


Thankfully, I can be assured that at the same time in four years time our road and pavement surfaces will be treated to another cyclic face lift in time for the electioneering.

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