Taking the opportunity

Through the event of a full life 2017 offered very little opportunity for adventures; grandchildren take most of my time. Pressure from fellow adventures I managed to gain two trips on the water early in the year and these were my life saviour.

Firstly a run, of five days, down the river Spey in the north east of Scotland. Known in my house as the river of whisky with Spey whiskies recognised as some of the best in the world. Running the Knockando rapids adjacent to the distillery only means one thing. Achieved in style and a bottle of anCnoc as a reward. In the UK this is one of the must do classic canoe trips with such obstacles to overcome such as the famous ‘washing machine’ and the multiple distilleries on route as a break from concentration required by the long days on the water.





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Two old friends cajoled me, without much effort, to join them on a trip to visit as many West of Scotland lochs in six days with canoe and canvas. Well who can say no to that, I surely couldn’t and when six days became eight it was no wonder that I arrived truly worn out and yet still revelling in the delights of such an adventure.

One of the classic aspects of canoeing on these lochs with a south westerly wind most of the time is spent with the sail up enjoying all that nature has given us.

There is of course a little excitement at time with one particular scenario in mind. Whilst travelling northwards up Loch Long past a magnificently huge modern dock side enclosed building we were escorted by a rib gunboat with four figures in black following our journey for a good hour. I’m sure they enjoyed the opportunity to escape from their crew room and excessive amounts of coffee to get out on the loch and enjoy the bracing wind, which was actually helping us along, quite briskly, on our journey.

The expected evenings of midge annoyance in camp came to fruition with evenings, nights and mornings with all clothing buttoned up and a permanent midge next upon one’s head……

My thanks go to Sue who kindly raised this small video of stills on our return to civilisation.

Link:- Taking the opportunity


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