The Humble bunch of cut flowers

Vegetarianism, veganism and even pescetarianism are something that is growing day by day week by week throughout our Western communities in a move to move away from eating meat For a variety of reason. Myself I have refrained from eating meat for about 16 years initially in support of my daughters and wife who made the decision further to visiting a working farm in Poland. Later on a medical condition got in the way as eating meat and drinking alcohol induced considerable in my joints. I still drink a little wine, quality dependent, and on the two or three times a year we take short hotel holidays I have been known to delve in to my heart’s desire with a good old English sausage sandwich. I don’t see three or four of these causing me too much anguish

 Only this morning a (and I do not apologise for the next word) rampant vegan friend of mine attempted to give me a dressing down over the cut flowers I have in my home. “The trouble with the human race is that they have no issues when it comes to killing things”. Oh dear I thought at the time is there something in this, considering that when looking at the killing animal kingdom, which includes all creatures and their life styles.  This made me think about quite intensely after she and her partner left the house. Where do these intense beliefs some hold fit in today’s global society?

The more I sat and pondered the bigger the question became and from making a few notes I saw a 20,000 word thesis coming together and yet as a 62 year old gramps (the grandchildren call me Pops) I see those days behind me. Besides being retired I have a garden and grandchildren to look after.

The decision was made to look at the cut flowers in my own home and revue their impact on society. Starting at the end it all finishes with no more than a smile and a feeling of warmth from those who receive them irrespective of the occasion as flowers always bring a little light in to someone’s life for a moment or even more.

Behind this is the train of employees who not only process the line of flower delivery but the opportunity to gainful employment. From the growers to the hop and delivery company someone is gaining a wage. From that wage there is a contribution to the welfare of the state through payment of taxes against both business profits as well as personal taxation. Those wages will facilitate additional spending of choice and so the process is continuation of contentment for others along this chain of remuneration and spending power

From a simple bunch of flowers we have horticultural development, a happy recipient and the start of business integration and success.

 It is no longer just a bunch of flowers so smile and appreciate that there is more behind a gift of flowers than having them sat in a vase in a special place in your home or office.

Purple Tulips Flowers Wallpapers 09

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