I write a little

With this tab/page I will from time to time post some poetry. Please be aware, for those who may find this site, I am an amateur poet who did not get good grades at school in English; never mind.


Night of fear, no not really

Waking up this morning
Almost middle of the night
Waiting for the birdsong
Or alarm clock to put me right

Stressful head upon the bed
Pillow jumped to the carpet sea
Thoughts of panic and despair
Get dragged out of memory

Latent fear in the troubled gut
Sings inharmoniously loud
For what is my pain of fear?
Rises single notion from the crowd

Oh bloomin’, it’s a college day
Dire, unforgiving thought
This learning stuff a right old struggle
Paid my money what have I bought?

Thirty eight years after, I start again
To joining the learning throng
It’s is essay delivery day
Two thousand words I’ve got wrong

A restless turn and bed time twist
Intestine start to grumble
Removing body from bed afloat
to computer time to rumble

Alas; alas, what a lovely word
Regrettable elimination of rest
It’s there in all its glory
My essay, going to pass the test!

Back to bed smile on mein
Lay back relax, closed eyes
Four hours of rest to gain

Ouch, that hurt

Ok it’s frozen but not quite all
So a launch on to the ice for a quick cold trawl
Water found and not under the ice
So paddled like mad to get there in thrice

But……….then the ice flow had gathered in size
Now breaking through was my demise
With a chop and belt and finally a thrash
Saw no broken ice only a split in the ash

For you my friends I seek advice
Having damage a favourite, playing in the ice
To the fire in bits to generate heat
Or… how to mend for the very next meet?

Hrr..umph a broken paddle.