Misty Morn

When you find yourself in that place and the camera comes out of the bag to capture that moment often it is not enough. This was one of those such mornings. these piece of work along side the picture will be a memory to share and return to when the need arises.


I choose to descend to the water’s edge
And dip my toe in the morning mist
To stand on the bank, a simple ledge
A view to uphold and not be missed

A wisp of white hair to crown the lake
Gently swirling in an unseen whisper
A picture of beauty, my camera eye to take
To hold my memory of time crisper

Yet of all the panorama breathed
Is the morning sun of bliss
This mist the breath of trees relieved
Who would wish to miss this?



Just simply to arrive

When taking to the water on my night paddle on one of the UK’s most reminiscent lakes, Coniston, the emotion of the journey gave me tranquillity and yet close comfort. It wasn’t long before my mind began to wander.


Water black as ink
Luminescent confetti
Of the hawthorn tree
Parts in the wake
Canoe knife like
On waters still
Panoramic excellence
Of a moonlit night
Freedom intoxicating
Of woodland fragrance
Journey to……
Simply arrive